Conference tables and meeting tables

Conference table creates an impression about your organisation. Whether you are sourcing for a discussion table, a meeting table or a large conference tables for boardroom, browse our category to find your desired type.
We do carpentry customisation for tables and cabinets to suit special measurement and colors.


White conference table (MU Series)


conference table in beech color (MU Series)


Conference table (Lego Series)


Rectangular shape conference table (Inventa Series)

We supply oval shape conference tables, rectangular conference table, conference tables with metal leg, white color conference table, wooden beech color conference table and many more.


Conference table (IM Series)


Oval conference table (HA Series)


Oval conference table (Primo Series)


Conference table (Canis Series)


Rectangular conference table
Model SCT-CF02NL

white color conference table

White conference table
Model SCT-CF1890NL


Oval conference table (Ebony Series)


Conference table in oval shape (Royal Series)

Meeting tables

Small meeting table in various color and sizes available. Round meeting table is suitable for small meeting room for discussion purpose.


Round meeting table (Ebony series)


Meeting room table in round shape (IR series)


Meeting table with chrome base (BE series)


Round meeting table (Royal series)

Choosing an appropriate conference table or meeting table is vital in projecting the correct corporate image to your visitors. With the right conference room setup, it helps your staffs to have more confidence in the discussion session. This will naturally leads to a more fruitful meeting.

How to choose a conference table or meeting table?

  1. Take note of the maximum table size able to fit into the room. (Do allow about 900mm space on each side of the table for your conference room chairs)
  2. Next, estimate how many people will be sitting in a single meeting.
  3. Deciding on the shape that fit the room size best.
  4. Visualise the color finish of the conference table that blend in best with your room decor.
  5. Consider whether you would need some cabinets for documents or video conferencing equipments.

What is the available shape for conference table?

Conference table comes in a variety of shapes. Rectangle conference table is more of a typical design and it is usually less costly. An oval shape conference table allows more people to sit in as the corners replaced by curves can be also make into extra sitting space. Boat-shape conference table offers an aesthetic look which may make your conference room unique.

Depending on your nature of business, combination of a few tables allow you to create different shapes and sizes. A boardroom table does not necessarily have to be a standard rectangular or oval shape. You can combine a few small into a U-shape conference table which is seen in many boardroom . Semi-circle shape or any other shape to make full use of all available space is also possible with combination of our modular conference table.

Another practical combination is by means of using some foldable training table with castors, forming a conference table to your desire size, after which they can be easily setup as individual training tables for training seminar or folded and keeping away is a breeze as the wheels on these foldable tables make it mobile.

Color finishes for conference table

Conference table used to be available in white color, gray color or various wooden color finishes with wooden panel legs. Modern conference tables are fitted with any color table top of your choice and sitting on steel table leg. These conference table metal legs can be in black, white, chrome or silver color finish.
Choosing the right color and shape of your conference table is important in a professional environment. It keeps everything in line with your branding.

Types of meeting tables

Meeting tables are usually considered a smaller version of a conference table. You can have them in various wood colors. Be it a dark wood color discussion table or white color meeting table, they are all available with wooden panel legs or metal table legs.
Small meeting table is available in either square, rectangular or round shape. Round shape meeting table is most common as it can be fitted into tight space yet giving more sitting capacity.

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