Foldable tables

Our foldable tables is not only durable with its sturdy metal frame, it is also light weight and foldable, making it extremely portable.
These space saving folding tables can be easily set up or folded in no time and stored away in just any small available space.
Our versatile foldable tables are suitable for usages such as a study table, meting table, party table, work table, etc...

Foldable table with rectangular table top

foldable tables Singapore

Foldable table with metal frame

Our folding table is available in the following sizes

  • Foldable table model SCT-FT1260
    W1200 x D600 x H750
  • Foldable table model SCT-FT1560
    W1520 x D600 x H750<
  • Foldable table model SCT-FT1860
    W1820 x D600 x H750

  • Foldable table model SCT-FT1276
    W1200 x D760 x H750
  • Foldable table model SCT-FT1576
    W1520 x D760 x H750
  • Foldable table model SCT-FT1876
    W1820 x D760 x H750

  • Foldable table with castor wheels

    foldable tables with castor wheels

    Foldable table
    with castor wheels

    Please call us with no obligation, should you need assistance....

    Folding table with combination option

    These folding tables allow multiple combinations to suit any room space and usages. Besides the regular retangular folding tables, we provide also round folding tables, half round folding table, as well as quarter round corner unit.

    folding table combinations

    Folding tables with flexible conbinations
    KK Series

    folding tables in rectangle shape

    Folding table
    rectangle shape

    round folding table

    Folding table
    round shape

    half round folding table

    Folding table
    half round shape<

    foldng table extension unit

    Folding table
    D-shape extension

    foldng table for corner connection

    Folding table
    quarter round shape

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