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Office metal filing cabinets

Metal Cabinets with drawers and metal filing cabinets are essential for offices, factory, school, and home. These office metal filing cabinets help in organizing yet provide more security to protect our properties.These full height swing doors cabinets and half height office metal cabinets are available in swing doors, sliding doors and glass doors.

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    We are stockist for the following metal cabinets:
  • Full height steel cupboard
  • High metal cabinets with swing doors
  • Low metal cabinets with sliding doors
  • Metal cabinets with glass sliding doors
  • AO and A1 size plan file cabinets
  • Plan hanging trolleys
  • 7 drawer medical record filing drawers cabinets
  • 4 drawers metal office filing cabinets
  • 3-drawers lateral fling cabinets
  • single, 2, 3, 4 or 6 compartment lockers with hanging rods
  • Metal Filing Cabinets:

    Office steel cupbaord for various usages. We have full height office metal cabinets with swing doors, half height metal filing cabinets with glass sliding doors, low half height metal cabinets in powder caoting and is made of thick metal sheet.

    Metal Filing Drawers:

    We sell 4-drawers metal filing cabinet in powder coated. 2 and 3 drawers cabinets are also available.
    Our 7 drawers medical record card index metal cabinets and stock index card cabinets are required for clinics, hospital and inventatory purposes.

    Compartment Lockers with locks and keys:

    Compartment lockers are built with high quality material, suitable for locker room in industrial factory, swimming pools and gym changing room and other recreation premises.

    Plan File Cabinets:

    AO and A1 size plan file cabinets are for architectural drawing, large format drawing printing, students art paper in school and large size film.