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Wooden office filing cabinets

Wooden filing cabinets in various color and sizes to fit any office space any blending beautifully with your interior design.
Our office cabinets are made of high quality wood and finish with a scratch resistant layer to protect your invest, making it last a lot longer.

Organizing office storage and filing needs, commonly you will find metal filing cabinets in use. Don't be restricted by choices especially when it comes to the material for your office cabinet. Office cabinet is available in plastic as well as wood.

We have wooden office cabinet which are durable, mobile and inexpensive. These materials adapts well in dry and cool air con room in the office. Beside wooden open shelf cabinets, all the other cabinets in wood comes with lock and keys.

    Following are types of our filing cabinets in wood:
  1. low cabinet with swing door
  2. low cabinet with sliding door
  3. low height open shelf cabinet
  4. high cabinet with swing door
  5. high cabinet with sliding door
  6. high open shelf cabinet
  7. High cabinet with half glass door
  8. mobile pedestal (drawers for storage and filing)

Wooden office filing cabinet is not only practical, it is aesthetically more beautiful in appearance. White color wooden cabinet is a popular choice as it makes your office looks brighter. Dark wood color cabinet project that stability image and it is use by many senior management staffs. You can have your file cabinet in dark or light gray color which will match the color of most office equipments.
Cherry wood color office cabinet and beech wood filing cabinet are more preferable in wood grain finishes office cabinets. Oak or darker wood finishes is the next favourite.
Whatever you decide on, make sure it is sturdy and well made.

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