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gypsum partition wall contractor

Office partitioning is the main fixed structure which carefully planned, should minimize future difficulty in space usage.

Soon Chew Enterprise is an office partition contractor providing you with quality workmanship, meeting your renovation schedule in time.

We offer dry wall gypsum partition for various usages. Partition wall with soundproof insulations, partition for wet area or stronger dry wall partition to endure tough knocks, contact us and we shall be glad to assist you.
Architectural and fire safety engineers submission may be required for some intended construction. Our sales team is able to advice you on space planning and requirement by the authority.

Please call us with no obligation, should you need assistance....

Office partition renovation contractor

Office partition wall

Before you engage your drywall partition contractor, be sure they are experience enough to handle your project.Proper support to hold this gypsum wall partition is crucial. We have been requested to repair such partition walls that have break loose from the holding structure and is shaking, some of which may affect the swing of doors attached.These days, many of the city buildings are constructed with glass facade. These glass panels are held together by its metal frame. If your unit is on rental or when it is up for sale, these damage metal frames will have to be change before handling over to next user. Changing these frames will probably cost many times more than your office partition work.

Suspended office false ceiling

Suspended gypsum ceiling, whether they be constructed of rectangular or square shape ceiling board, plastered ceiling or any other material, priority shall be on securing the suspension. Some light fixtures, air conditioner unit and even electrical cabling can eventually add load to your ceiling, causing an unlevel ceiling and worst, breaking off, dropping on somebody.

office ceiling contractor

Office ceiling installer

office partition renovation contractor

Office partition installer

office partition contractor in Singapore

Office partition contractor

office partition repair

Drywall partition repair

Reliable office partition company

At Soon Chew Enterprise use only skilled and experienced installers. We have completed drywall partition for many different type usages. Construction of gypsum partition for office, partition to showroom and retail space, installing waterproof partition to create bathroom in commercial and industrial factory premises, this is just a part of our regular renovation work activity as an office renovation contractor.

You may be interested in our following job scope:
  • Reinstatement
  • Partition wall construction
  • Glass panel and doors
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical works
  • Floor covering including carpet, vinyl tiles and epoxy floor painting
  • Wall covering with painting or wall paper installations
  • Architectural & mechanical submission by engineers

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