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Office workstation partition

dividers and fabric panels

Available in many colors to choose from, our office workstation partitions are only 50mm thick which is rigid enough to suspend your hanging filing cabinets, without wasting unnecessary thickness space that offers the same function. Panels that is thinner than this may be considered too flimsy.

A combination of color can be impressive to the look. Half glass panels give better visibility especially to high cubicle workstations.
Let us do some space planning and create the best configuration to achieve an impressive theme to suit corporate image.

Office Cubicle workstations

Soon Chew Enterprise is an office workstation supplier in Singapore providing you with office cubicles fabric partition divider panels. Whether you are looking for privacy divider screens for your tables or full workstation with glass divider partition. we have them all.

Our specialize field:
Supply and install new workstations and dividers
Supply and install matching add-on workstations and dividers
Dismantle existing system
Re-upholstery of fabric panels
Re-locate existing workstations and dividers
Repair workstaion
Reupholstery of workstaion fabric panels

Types of Partition Panel

We supply the following workstation cubicle partition divider screen panels:

  • Office cubile workstations
  • Office workstations with low partitions
  • Managers workstations with glass partitions
  • Workstations with hanging cabinets and bookshelves
  • Free standing office partition dividers with castor wheels
  • Detachable and re-usable partition with doors
  • Semi transparent divider screen for office tables

  • Office workstation dividers

    Whether you install office cubicle dividers, a workstation divider screen or just some office fabric panel as partition, the basic usage of workstation partition is to provide an neat and aesthetic look of the workplace of your office.

    Office Workstation

    Office workstation provides more privacy in a person's workspace. With interference minimised, you will be able to work more comfortably within your workstation, thus more focus on your task, producing better work output.

    Office workstation advantages

    Privacy is a known fact about office cubicles. Making good use of available space is indeed an advantage on choosing office workstation system. Due to the kind of work process and corporate image, office of different businesses require its own unique layout. We are able to customise your office workstations to suit your business and office needs. It will be tailored made to make your day to day routine easier and more efficient.
    When relocating your office or changing office furniture layout in business expansion, this office workstation can be remove or relocated easily just with a few clicks.

    Open concept office workstation

    An open concept office workstation encourages discussions and collaboration, this open concept office workstations allows people to communicate and exchange ideas with one another while working on their task, making cooperation and creativity easily achieved.

    Office workstation with privacy dividers

    Usually provided to senior staffs and managers, such office workstation allows the user work more at ease keeping their confidential document out of sight from others. Enclosed with the office partition, usually a form of fabric panel as the workstation divider, are useful to those that requires deep thought and concentration to solve complex work related issues.

    Office cubicles cable wiring

    Our workstation partition features a excellent built-in cable management system, wide enough for all your cables to be fitted in neatly and equipped with electrical power point, computer data point, telephone point or any other audio and video faceplate for a "plug and play" comfortably reachable while sitting in your working position.

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