Our Services

The following is part of our services providing to support our customers.

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Customer Support

We are thankful to you for supporting us through the years. In return, we have created a service team to assist you in maintaining and repairing your assets in our product lines. Do contact us for any renovation related and furniture repair services required.

Office chair repair

    Our services includes:
  • re-upholstery of office chairs
  • change castor roller wheels of office chairs
  • replacement of hydraulic gas lift to office chair when height adjustment can not go up and down
  • replace broken armrest of office chairs
  • Office workstation contractor

      We are specialise in these office cubicles repair
  • dismantle and reconfiguration of office workstations
  • relocate office workstations
  • office workstations installation
  • reupholstery of office workstation partition fabric panels to change colors
  • add workstations partition divider panels to existing system
  • repair office workstations
  • Service to open safe box

    Common questions. I lost my keys, how to open my safe box? I forget my safe box combination numbers, how can I open my safe? Also I forget the safe box password number for digital safe, how to open?
    First, relax. There is nothing much you can do without either your key or set of numbers.
    If you have time to wait, you may be able to recall your secret numbers or your place you left your keys.
    Contact us should you need our service to force open your safe box to retrive your belongings.