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Constructed with highest quality material, passing stringent quality test, our fire-resistant safe boxes are design for homes, offices and retail shops to keep your valuables and important documents safer, yet accessible when you need them.Choices of fire-resistant safe with digital keypad lock or combination number dial lock and various sizes available to suit your needs.Our fire endurance and durability test report for our fire resistant safes are evidence of security in place while you are out on your schedule.

How to choose a safe box

Deciding on the storage capacity you need, the inner dimension is a key point to note.
The inner capacity matter most. Determine the items for safe keeping and ensure the inner space is sufficient.
Check on external size to allocate space to house your safe, it is important to fit the safe on an available location.
In unforeseen fire hazard, the inner compartment of your safe must be able to withstand the heat in order not to discolor your important documents.
For safe boxes with lighter weight, you may consider bolting them to the floor or wall.
For 24/7 access, a night deposit safe is also available for corporate usage.
Data media records are crucial in modern days. A data media safe provides extra protection to your data media. Specially constructed with additional features, they keep the internal temperature extremely low, in the event of fire.
An optional 2 key lock or a key lock with a digital lock is a choice for much business to put two persons in charge of the activity.
Through our research and customers feedback, we have incorporate all safety features and yet conveniences of use, to our safe.

If protecting your valuables is your concern, look no further. We understand you needs and we are able to provide you with the right safe box with maximum security.
Our home safes are user friendly and offers you maximum protection for your valuables.
Our fire resistant security safe boxes for home use comes with the option of digital number lock or dial combination locks.
With stringent fire endurance test procedure, coupled with high quality locks, our safe itself could be kept and pass down to generations.

Fire Resistant Safe Box Quality

Serving you for more than a decade, we understand your concerns and requirements.
Our fire resistant safe boxes are made of the highest quality material in this industry and tested and certified for fire resistant and duarability by authorised test center.

Fire Resistant Safe Box features

Our safe box comes in combination dial lock and lock with keys as well as a digital lock with digital combition number which you can reset to change combination numbers any time and as many times as you wish to.

Safe Box Repair Services

We support our customers by providing repair services after warranty period expires. Forgotten your safe box combination numbers or lost safe box keys, we do force open safe for you to retrive your contents.

Mounting to Wall or Floor

We do receive request to bolt safe box to wall or even to floor to prevent safe box being carried away. Safe box for homes, offices and night deposit self drop safe box at retail shop commonly asked for such services.

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