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office renovation | Singapore

Office Renovation contractor

An office remodel or new workplace renovation can be challenging yet rewarding. Whether you are looking for a facelift or transforming the entire space into your ideal workplace, we can make it simpler and more affordable than you can imagine.

For over a decade, as an office renovation contractor in Singapore, we have been making our customers proud with renovation works we rendered.

Being able to understand your needs, your requirement, and your design preferences, we can therefore esthetically transform your dream into practical and functional reality.

Office renovation contractor Singapore

Specializing in industrial and commercial renovation, our interior design section can turn your imaginary ideas into practical reality. Renovation doesn't have to be a hair rising issue. Being an interior office renovation contractor, we know that planning and experience is all that matters.
Whether you are renovating the whole premises, needing some minor alteration, setting up a new office or sourcing for some office system furniture, we are your one stop solution.
Over the years, we have completed numerous office renovation, factory and retail showroom renovation projects, achieving great success from numerous satisfied customers' referral.

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office renovation contractor for air conditioner installation

Office renovation contractor
Air conditioning installation contractor

office renovation company as carpet contractor

Office renovation contractor
for installation of carpet and other floor covering

office renovation contractor to construct glass panel walls

Office renovation contractors
for glass wall installation

office renovation contractor providing re-instatement job order

Office renovation contractor
for reinstatement work

With our teams of experienced project managers and installation done only by skilled workers, you get more cost saving through no unnecessary material wastage and enjoy the benefit of high quality workmanship.

Continuously active in the interior design and office renovation till present time, we are up to date on all requirement and expectation for a renovation job. Quality control on installation, housekeeping and protecting your belongings during construction are just part of our service requirement.

To ensure your investment is fair and justified; we strive to produce the best renovation work which projects your desired ideas while maintaining the lowest possible cost in order to have more customer referral. Through this referral system, we have gain a wide customer base and it is the reason we are still surviving in this competitive market.

Office renovation shall include consideration on space usage to avoid alteration in the near future. These should include position of partition walls, electrical power point, your telephone point and computer data point. Space planning for staffs working location should allow related department interaction for maximum work output. A final check with the property management, a QP and a LEW maybe required for the intended renovation work to be carried out without breaking the law.

LEW license for SP application of electrical installation by office renovation contractor

Office renovation contractor
LEW application of electrical works

office renovation company for plumbing works

Office renovation contractor
Plumber for water piping and appliances installation

PE submission for office renovation works

Office renovation contractors
PE submission for renovation works

We are specialize in office renovation, commercial renovation, shop and showroom renovation and industrial factory renovation. Our job scope includes Gypsum partition walls, electrical installations, and installation of floor covering like carpets, vinyl floor tiles, painting, carpentry and plumbing.

Commercial and Industrial Factory Renovation Services

You may be interested in our following job scope:
  • Reinstatement
  • Partition wall construction
  • Glass panel and doors
  • Carpentry works
  • Electrical works
  • Floor covering including carpet, vinyl tiles and epoxy floor painting
  • Wall covering with painting or wall paper installations
  • Architectural & mechanical submission by engineers

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    Renovation Submission

    Renovation of your premises needs careful planning right from the start to avoid future modification which may delay your plan resulting in additional cost incurred.

    PE submission to relevant authority for some items in your intended renovation list may required in order to avoid breaking the law.

    We undertake assignment to prepare necessary documents for architectural, mechanical and electrical submission by our engineers and LEW.

    Office Renovation Tips

    By now, you probably have enough ideas and information for renovation, such as design, the latest material, etc.
    Before you proceed to plan your design, here's few point you might like to note.

    Space Planning
    Consider all future possible changes on your design. Break down all activities you will have to accommodate. Changing your plan after work commencement may delay work schedule and increase additional material and labor cost.

    Space Layout
    A good layout allows work to be carried out smoothly, especially interaction between colleagues and usage of centralize office equipments.

    Open Workspace vs. Cubicles
    A typical office used to have rooms for individual department. Considering it anti-social, most offices then install cubicles to replace the constructed rooms. In today's corporate world, open plan office is the latest choice as it promotes social collaboration and information sharing amongst employees. While open plan office may work wonders for some, there are also feedback on unbearable office noise and lack of privacy.

    Color Theme
    Workplace color is totally different from choosing colors for home. Make a decision and there will be comments and suggestions. Everyone have their own taste. Get a theme from your corporate color or one that is related to your trade may keep everyone satisfied.

    Office Renovation Services

  • Reinstatement
  • Submission for Renovation Approval
  • Electrical Installation Application
  • Interior Design
  • Gypsum Wall Construction
  • Ceiling Work
  • Carpet & Vinyl Floor
  • Carpentry
  • Painting
  • Electrical and Plumbing Work
  • Curtains, Blinds and solar film
  • Other renovation related works