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Office chairs ergonomically design with options of high back office chair, medium back executive office chairs, low back conference room chairs and typist chairs, in leather, PVC, fabric or mesh upholstery, all available with over a hundred of colors to choose from.

Whether you are looking for office chair with office table for workstations or office chairs for conference room and meeting room chairs, call us now, for your sturdy, comfortable, yet durable office chairs at great value prices.

Office chair selections

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Office chairs new arrival

office chair in full mesh seat and back rest

Office chair
Model CSC-Y001A

Office chair with head rest

Office chair
Model CSC-A2903H

office chair CSC-LV2870

Office chair
Model CSC-LV2870

office chair model CSC-A8308

Office chair
Model CSC-A8308

office chair with armrest

Office chair
Model CSC-A2788

office chair CSC-M23

Office chair
Model CSC-M23

office chair model csc-A5812

Office chair
Model CSC-A5812

office chair model csc-A5612

Office chair
Model CSC-A5612

office chair with high back rest

Office chair
Model CSC-A8801

Office chair types

office chairs for meeting room

Office chairs for meeting room

office chairs for visitors

Office chairs for visitors

office chairs for directors

Office chairs for directors

office chairs for managers

Office chairs for managers

office chairs with mid back

Office chairs with mid back

office chairs with low back rest

Office chairs with low back rest

Office chair accessories

change office chair castor wheels

Office Chair castor wheels

office chairs gas lift repair

Office Chairs hydraulic gas lift

office chairs glides

Office Chairs glides

office chairs tilting-mechanism

Office Chairs mechanism

additional office chair lumnar support for back pain

Office Chair additional lumbar support

office chair extra lumbar

Office Chairs large lumbar support

office chairs stoppers

Office Chairs stopper

office chairs tilting-mechanism

Office Chairs mechanism

office chair 5 prong base

Office Chair star shape base

office chair foot-rest

Office Chairs footring

Quality and comfort of office chair can directly affect our health without us noticing.
With so many confusing choices available, it is no easy task buying office chairs for your staffs, matching your office tables and blending into your stylish office decor.

Office chairs featuring lumbar support, adjustable seat height and castors are just norm of the past. In today’s workplace, most of us are desk bound, slouching on our office chair, facing our computer for about eight hours a day.

Through the years of observations and gathering feedbacks from our customers, we have our office chair design with updated features to suit modern working workplace.
Budget, comfort and purpose of usages are usually the deciding factors to buy your office chair.
Through technology and innovations, we are able to combine quality and comfort into our office chair selections at affordable pricing, making your purchase more cost effective. You don’t need to pour in a big bunch of cash just to get some good office chairs.

Office chair in leather upholstery

Office chair in leather offer a prestigious look and they are just as comfortable. You should note that leather chairs are more expensive and to keep in in top shape, the leather material you have invested need to be maintain, avoiding direct sunlight and clean it on a regular basis.

Office chair in fabric upholstery

With a great variety of available colors, this common choice of office chair can easily match any existing decor. They are comfortable and durable yet to maintain.
One drawback to fabric chairs is that they don't allow air to flow as freely as much as a mesh chair would, making it more susceptible to holding in moisture and odors. If you do your best to avoid bringing drinks to your desk that could possibly spill, choosing a fabric chair should be no problem.
The disadvantage to office chair in fabric is that air do not flow as freely compared to a mesh chair. The fabric and cushion may eventually accumulate moisture resulting in odors.

Office chair with PVC upholstery

PVC or vinyl is also known as synthetic leather or man-made leather. Office chair in PVC is sturdy, durable and it produces that rich look like the leather chair. Easily clean with just some mild soap and water, this is a popular choice in amongst staff whose clothing maybe stained by dirt or oil.
Do note that a drawback on using an office chair in PVC is that this material is not breathable. If this is your concern, you may wish to view our mesh office chair, leather office chair or fabric office chair options.

Choosing the type of material for your office chair is really a personal preference and also depending much on the kind of usage.

Importance of proper adjustment to office chair

A good workstation should allow the worker to sit comfortable and allowing them to change bodily working position to reduce fatigue and stress. Out of the three body contact point in a workspace, namely the floor, the work surface and the seat of the office chair, 2 of these can be adjustable to create a more ergonomic workstation.

An office table with adjustable height can greatly ease the tension on the arms and wrists while maintaining the most suitable sitting posture. While this is a good piece of office furniture to have, the price of such table may not make it practical. The other effective and cheaper option is with the help of an adjustable chair and a footrest.

As every individual have their unique sitting posture, providing a special office chair for every individual worker may not be practical. A simple solution is to get them some fully adjustable office chairs that can fit most of your workers with average size.Workers with special height or weight will require chairs custom-made for them.

Look for these features when selecting an adjustable office chair:

Height adjustment

Seat height should be adjusted to the level whereby your thigh is 90 degree to your lower leg and your lower leg is 90 degree to the floor level.

By keeping your body upright, your feet should be able to rest flat on the floor. If the seat have to be adjusted higher to match the table surface, a footrest on the floor maybe required.

Check that the edge of your seat is not pressing against the back of your knees as the will cause problem to blood circulation. You should have a gap of about three fingers space.

A backrest should be adjusted to fit the hollow in your lower back

Once your office chair is adjusted to suit you, this configuration should remain constant for quite some time.

Different office task requires different setup. If you have to work on a high bench, you might need a chair with higher gas light. In that case, you should have a foot-ring attached to the hydraulic gas lift and adjusted to the right height in order for your leg to rest properly.

We offer extremely comfortable and supportive office chairs in fabric, leather or PVC (synthetic leather) upholstery. Office chairs in mesh fabric are also available in various color options.
Comfortable cushion is the first thing we should look out for in a good office chair. After all, we shall be spending hours on sitting on it. A breathable fabric will be an added advantage as well.

We are an office chairs supplier in Singapore offering ergonomic office chair like directors chairs and chairs for workstation with swivel and height adjust for up and down or high and low adjustment equip with roller castors. Looking for high back office chairs, mid back office chairs, low back office chairs, leather office chairs, mesh office chair, fabric office chairs, PVC office chairs, production chairs, lab chairs, lab stools, training chairs, public seating chairs for waiting area, chair with writing tablets, we are able to assist you.

Together with our wide selections of office writing tables and cabinets, your basic office furnishing is complete.

We supply the following chairs:
  • Ergonomic swivel office chairs with armrest
  • Directors high back office leather chairs
  • High back fabric office chairs with castors wheels
  • Low back office chairs with good back support
  • Office chairs with headrest
  • Custom made office chairs with color choices
  • Office Chairs with footrest
  • Office chairs with footring
  • office task chairs
  • workstation office chairs

  • Office Chair Repair and Reupholstery

    Repair office chairs or fabric reopholstery can preserve your favorite chair with a new facelift.
    We replace hydraulic gas lift for chairs if it cannot adjust the seat height up and down.
    Chair castor roller wheels can be replace if they are damage.

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